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Windsor Clive Primary School

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Windsor Clive Primary School

Every Child - Every Chance - Every Day

Who's Who

Staffing for 2023-24 Academic Year

Senior Leadership Team



Mr Kim Fisher


Mrs Nichola Mings

Deputy Headteacher

Mr Adrian Boyce

Additional Learning Needs Coordinator (ALNCo)

Ms Michelle Marshall-Clucas

Leader for Phase 1 (N/R)

Miss Dawn Harries  

Leader for Phase 2 and Digital Learning (Y1/2/3)

Miss Sophie Morris  

Leader for Progression and Language, Literacy and Communication

Mrs Danielle Harris

Leader for Emotional Health and Wellbeing


Classes – Teachers and Teaching Assistants



Teaching Assistant(s)


Ms Michelle Marshall-Clucas /

Miss Bernier

Mrs Sarah Baker-Brian

Miss Laura Sargeant

Mrs Heather Cox  

Miss Rhiannon Redmore


Ms Kerry Owen

Miss Grace Marston


Mrs Helen Protheroe (Monday-Thursday)

Mrs Suzanne Jonas (Friday)

Mrs Debbie Sargeant

Year 1

Mrs Suzanne Jonas (2.5 days per week)

Mrs Helen Lace (2.5 days per week)

Mrs Nebiat Michaels

Miss Emma Newell (1:1)

Year 1

Miss Dawn Harries

Mrs Sarah Magee

Miss Beverly Sheeley (1:1)

Year 2

Mrs Paula Glen

Mrs Carolyn Jenkins


Year 2

Mrs Faye Lansing (2.5 days per week)

Mrs Louisa Fancourt (2.5 days per week)

Ms Vanessa Cawley  


Mrs Danielle Harris (Wednesday-Friday)

Miss Bibi Rodriguez (Monday/Tuesday)

Miss Gemma White

Miss Rebecca Matthews  


Mr Adrian Boyce (Monday/Tuesday)

Miss Bibi Rodriguez (Wednesday-Friday)

Mr Sam Jones

Mrs Joanna Broome

Mr Khadim Soomro

Year 3

Mrs Hettie Lewis

Miss Liz Lewis

Year 3

Mrs Harriet MacDonald

Miss Anastasia Jones

Year 4

Miss Sophie Hewitson

Miss Nicola Levett

Year 4

Miss Fran Cosslett

Miss Gabby Butler

Year 5

Mrs Laura Monico

Miss Rhiannon Matthews

Year 5

Miss Claudia Fedeli

Miss Sophia Elliott

Year 6

Miss Amie Cruise

Miss Alicia Higgs

Year 6

Mrs Nichola Mings (Monday/Tuesday)

Miss Sophie Morris (Wednesday-Friday)

Mrs Kelly Rice


Mrs Susan Walton



PPA cover

Mr Adam Hartland

Mr Harley Foley  



ALN Interventions

Hive 1 (R-2)

Mrs Claire Lloyd and Miss Macy Virgo

Hive 2 (Year 3/4)

Mrs Kelly Budge and Miss Hannah Stone

Hive 3 (Year 5/6)

Miss Emma Jones, Mr Kriston Walsh and Miss Rhianne Booth

Miss Victoria Paines (Monday-Thursday) 

Year 1-4 Reading


Family Engagement and Support Officer

Miss Ceri-Ann Gilbert


Admin and Office

Mrs Claire Lee


Miss Ceri Sargeant 

Office Manager

Miss Chloe Hallett

Admin Officer


Attendance Officer  

Miss Kelly Light


Estates Manager

Mr Kevin Berry


Midday Supervisors

Mrs Abbey Richards

Miss Beverley Sheeley

Mrs Lisa Sims

Mrs Monwara Tarofdear

Miss Sarah Blackburn 

Miss Sophie Fowler

Miss Louise Barussi

Miss Olivia Hill



Breakfast Club

Mrs Kelly Budge

Miss Anastasia Jones 

Mrs Claire Lloyd

Miss Emma Jones

Mrs Abbey Richards