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School Government

School Government elections were held on 22nd September.

 The Government is made up of four Ministries - Education, Environment, Health &Well-being and Community.

Seven Ministers have been elected from Y6 and each class from Y2 to Y6 have voted for their class representative.


We held our first meeting on 3rd October and decided what jobs each member will do this year.


Here are the results!!

First Minister – Ahmad

Vice First Minister – Sophie

Secretary – Caitlyn

Treasurer – Lloyd

Minister for Education – Gabrielle

Minister for the Environment – Jack

Minister for Health & Well-being – Paul

Minister for the Community – Latia

These are the class representatives:

2M – Lucia 2LP – Mercedes

3LF – Lewis 3M – Ellie

4JL – Tianna 4R – Kaylum

5J – Deale

5/6F - Ruby

5/6C – Lloyd

6H – Caitlyn

Nurture Class – Bodie

The Government meets at the beginning and end of each half term. Each Ministry meets at least once every half term and is supported by a member of staff.

The aim of the Government is to represent all pupils and ensure their voice is heard in decisions made about the school. The School Government is committed to improving teaching and learning and the health and well-being of pupils. They are also passionate about maintaining an enviromentally friendly school and contributing to the community. School Government work hard (and have fun) raising money both for school and charities.

Autumn Term School Government Meetings
3rd October
12th October

Spring Term School Government Meetings
19th January
9th February

Summer Term School Government Meetings
17th May
15th June