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Class RW

Welcome to Reception 
Croeso i dderbynfa

This is our page where you can see all of our hard work and what we are learning in Reception.

Stories this term include "The Three Billy Goats Gruff", "Titch" by Pat Hutchins and "Once there were giants" by Martin Wadell. We also will continue to enjoy the "Hairy McClary" stories, "Miss Mary Mack" and "The lady with the alligator purse".  

We will be learning about our bodies, keeping healthy and growing up.  We will continue to learn
 lots of nursery rhymes and songs, including alphabet and number rhymes. 

As always, we are will focus on developing our speaking and listening skills  - which are VERY IMPORTANT and our ability to persevere - to keep trying our best and never give up.
e are learning how to "critique" one another's work by saying what is good and saying how it could be even better.

We are developing our thinking skills and learning to understand why it is SO IMPORTANT to LISTEN FIRST TIME and ALWAYS use kind words and hands.

We are working on learning to read and write
 the sounds of the alphabet, words and sentences. We will learn about full stops and capital letters. We will be focusing on reading and writing numbers to 10, how to add up to 10 in a variety of ways and how to recognise up to 10 items.
We will be working on our cutting, painting and making skills.

To help your child progress you could:

  1. Point out words in the environment  e.g G for Greggs, H for Home bargains, N for Nisa, etc.
  2. Play games such as "I Spy" on the way to school.
  3. Point out numbers and shapes in the environment, on the pavement, the street signs, on cars, houses, lamp posts, mobile phones, etc. 
  4. Read a story with your child every day, sings songs and rhymes. 
  5. Make things together, paint, use junk, do puzzles, play SNAP, play games together inside and go out to play.
  6. Play listening games, where your children really have to be quiet and listen carefully and games where you give clues and they have to follow instructions, etc. 
  • Please parents, also do your best to ensure that you LIMIT your child's time on computer games, phones and tablets to half and hour per day and do not allow their use before bedtime.
  • Ensure your child has a good night's sleep, a healthy breakfast before school and gets to school everyday and on time. Remember, we have a breakfast club which is FREE and starts at 8 am everyday. 
  • Your children have really improved at putting on their coats - thank you for your help. 
  • Please continue to teach them how to pull out their sleeves and do up their zips. 

Please CAN ALL PARENTS ensure they send in £1.00 per week to pay towards your child's IMPORTANT daily snack. We will now be combining snack time with a daily "cookery type activity" to develop your children's speaking and listening, fine motor, literacy and numeracy skills.   

Please ensure you read the RECEPTION NEWS for this halfterm. 

Many thanks.